Turks and Caicos Islands Maps from the 1960's

I found a bunch of old maps of the Turks and Caicos in digital formal which identify many locations, ruins, etc. The original files are HUGE at about 1GB each, which are great if you're planning on printing these. If you just want to view them on your computer, you'll have a much easier time with the compressed versions I created.

For most people:
If you want to view these maps on your computer, this is the download you'll want. You can view them in most photo viewing programs as you would any other photo. To download the compressed webp format images which you can view on your computer, click here for the 26 MB zip

For the geeks:
If you want to geek out with these maps on your computer, these files are about 100 times larger than the above compressed versions. Although they will look clearer, they are also much harder for your computer to process. To download the images at about 125MB each in tiff format click here for the 1.3GB zip

For reproducing on paper:
This would be the download to use for taking the images to a professional printer to repoduce them. The images are about 1GB each, so they are basically too large for a normal computer to view. To download the images at about 1GB each in tiff format click here for the 8.7GB zip

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