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I just want to get on a boat and go fishing!

Why Weather Pirate

I currently live on a small island in the Atlantic Ocean with about 100 other people. There is one main road, no stores, and it’s a lot different than Chicago where I was born and raised. I live on Middle Caicos in the Turks and Caicos Islands and have since 2016. I’ve experienced CAT 5 hurricanes, regular power outages, and salt spray that destroys everything faster than I ever imagined.

Aside from the rough stuff, this place is a beautiful untouched slice of the world. I often take a kayak out to over 300 feet of water. I’ve experienced fishing in a kayak next to a sleeping humpback whale. I’ve had a dolphin mom and her calf circle around my kayak in a few feet of water. On a calm day I can look down into hundreds of feet of clear blue water and see the fish in the rocks below me.

For me, the key to enjoying this island is getting out on the water that surrounds it. But no one was predicting the ocean conditions around this remote island. The only prediction I might be able to get would be at one location on another island many miles away.

Predicting the waves, wind, and tide are key to me being able to get out and enjoy the water. What may look like horrible conditions for kayaking on the north side of the island can actually be very favorable conditions if you were on the south side. Other websites giving me the weather on one spot on another island 15 miles away honestly does me no good. has been born out of necessity. I’m able to get wave and wind predictions at any location. I can adjust where I’ll be going on the water to take advantage of the best conditions. I hope it helps you enjoy your time on the water too.

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Weather predictions for water locations helping you to enjoy being on the water